I’ve been good and bad recently. I had gone over the bar for a few drinks and was going to come home for dinner then go back over the bar. This would have ended up with me getting drunk. Instead I chose to stay home and watch a film. This shows that i do not need to go and drink and that hopefully now is the start of me being able to cut down on the drinking and maybe, just maybe lose a little weight and get a little fitter.

That was the good thing, The bad thing was that I kissed someone the other day. Nothing above and beyond that but it was a kiss, and I really enjoyed it. She is someone I’ve known for a little while and we were just talking about all the bullshit going through my head and the moment just seemed to be right and i asked her outright if I could kiss her. I was amazed I actually said this as generally this is not something I feel comfortable doing, I guess i was in a total dont give a shit mood. She said yes.

It felt like a first kiss, and it may as well have been given the last time any real intimacy has gone on here. I’ve no idea what happens from now.


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