Every now and then I find myself looking through the 500px website looking at some of the outstanding photography that is on the site. Like music, photographs can affect me at a very deep level and depending on my mood that could be a good or a bad thing.

This time the visit to the site highlighted something that creeps up on me now and then and that is the fact that I have always settled. Settled for X job because it was easy, settled for Y relationship because I latched onto the fact that the other person liked me and I was so sure that I would not be able to find anyone better, someone that I found attractive that I settled there also.

I saw this picture on an Asian girl on the site. I found her incredibly attractive and interesting. Lovely face and complexion, long dark hair, slim and wondered that if in my younger years I had been more confident in me, had a better self-worth opinion of my then I may have been able to experience that kind of relationship.

Whether it would have made any difference to my state of mind and how I see myself I don’t know. Perhaps I would have looked after myself better and not been overweight, or perhaps it would have been a nightmare, I will never know.


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