I’ve sadly not seen her for a while but I remember exactly what she looks like. Tall, dark hair, slim, quick to smile, stunning face, lovely voice, nice complextion, old school, great figure, kissable lips, superb laugh. She makes me feel comfortable.

In a coversation we had some time ago when she wanted me to “rescue” her from some guy hitting on her she said to me “You like me don’t you”. It was said matter of factly and I couldnt even defend myself instead just saying “I think you are gorgeous”. That is the second time i’ve said something like that to a woman.

In my eyes I have conjured up a vision of an imperfectly perfect female who pushes all my good buttons. I would love to be with her, properly be with her.

I don’t think it would ever be though, I don’t think I am her type to be honest, plus she is 15 years younger than me and I have an extortionate amount of body image issues that would sabotage it before it even got going anyway.

But, and let me dream and fantasise here a little, I could fall in love with her quite easily, and I would say that I even have done so already in many ways. I look at her and think of so many scenarios (not all sexual so get your mind out of the gutter).

In some ways I wish I could see her again and in other ways I don’t. We get on well when I do see her and I do have feelings for her, but I know she doesnt see me the same way as I see her so perhaps it is for the best.


5 thoughts on “Want

    1. I’ve told her that she was beautiful, it didn’t even come out as a cheesy line.

      An issue on trying this again, or simply asking her out is that I am in a long term relationship already, although that relationship has in many parts run it’s course there are a number of factors that prevent me from ending that to pursue this.

      If I thought for one second she would be receptive to the idea though then well… But the whole vibe/body language I got was “yeah we get on well in a friends kinda way”

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      1. Oh i see! well thats fair enough then! I am just all about love and i always want people to have enough hope in love to try. Your situation sounds complicated ( aren’t all of our situations complicated!) so you must act how you feel comfortable 🙂


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